If you run a small to medium sized company, or operate as a small trader,
you’ll know how lonely it can be at the top sometimes. Who do you share your
business vision with? Who helps you to develop as a business leader? Who guides
you through the rough periods when the walls seem to be closing in?

Perspective Coaching provides first class professional development
coaching and mentoring services to enterprises that lack training or
development resources of their own.

We help you look at things differently.

Most small businesses don’t run to in-house strategic planning,
HR or non-executive positions, but that doesn’t mean they don’t
need the skills and insights these functions provide. In fact, their
need is all the greater.

Normally it’s a question of cost; a ‘Phase II’ decision that can be made when
things start to look up.

But getting to Phase II – and III and IV – of a business plan can be achieved far more
quickly with professional business advice, guidance and experience in your corner.

Perspective Coaching offers SME business owners and entrepreneurs a reliable, high-quality
resource for business coaching and professional management development.

Our mission is to help clients develop the direction, motivation and accountability required to
succeed in their business and personal lives.

That’s why Perspective Coaching is aimed squarely at the businesses and business leaders who know they
should bring us on board, but ‘maybe tomorrow’. Our flexibility, competitive costs and results are designed to
make you pick up the phone today

What are you waiting for?


All businesses are different
Depending on where they are on their growth curve, and
where they want to get to, Perspective Coaching will identify
the key building blocks needed for solving problems and
accelerating the business plan.

Following an initial consultation specific services are
tailored and prioritised according to need, timing
and budget.

Typical Services Include






PERSPECTIVE COACHING is headed by Su Townsend, who has over three
decades of experience in the professional development field.

In addition, Perspective Coaching can call upon the services of a network
of specialists working in different fields: from sales negotiation to
nutrition, from marketing to accountancy. After all, there’s no point
identifying a problem if we can’t help to resolve it.


Following an initial consultation, a detailed plan and cost outline is drawn up for client approval.
Perspective Coaching operates on a consultancy day-rate basis and offers three remuneration schedules:

Consultancy and advice over a twelve-month period to plan and
deliver a pre-agreed programme.

Fixed fee per assignment.

Annual subscription service providing ad hoc consultancy and
advice as and when required.


Call on 07910 562 598

or complete the form opposite to set up an initial consultation meeting.